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Hi, I’m Silvie

…and we are meant to connect.

Your soul, your frequency, brought you here for a reason. Whether its a reminder of who you really are, inspiration or empowerment, a divine orchestrated personal message, a sustainable answer to self-healing, one step closer to reuniting with your soulmate or a whole mind system upgrade to re-design your life from scratch… love, truth and light are here for you.

Just like you, I’m a spiritual being having a human experience.

In this multidimensional human experience, my soul chose to expresses itself as: A Stay-At-Home Warrior Goddess Mama, Spiritual Leader Of My Home, Modern Day Healer, Metaphysician, Manifestation-Love-Relationships Trainer, and Mind Reprogrammer.

Yes, I train people on how to reprogram their mind, and expand their consciousness by upgrading their outdated and useless mind programs, so they can manifest ecstatic wellbeing, experience true love, design and manifest a life of their dreams.

My training programs focus on Holistic Wellness, Lifestyle Design, Empowered Relationships, but the core of all of it is Conscious Manifestation, Self-Mastery And Self-Healing by understanding how this human experience works.


Blog - Vlog - Podcast

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