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Trainings to help you raise the quality of your consciousness, develop your intuition, be authentically you, optimize your relationships, alchemize fear and become LOVE.

You are more powerful than you know.


Life is not what you think it is and you are not the person you think you are.

Realizing the nature of who you truly are, embodying that knowing, enhancing the quality of your being, alchemizing and integrating your shadow and understanding the bigger picture of life and how it works, is what will empower you and your family to navigate any circumstance in life so that you can parent, partner and thrive from that understanding in this illusion of a world that is in the midst of its own radical transformation reflecting an awakening and revolution of our own consciousness.

I see you Source Player…

My name is Silvie

My entire life has been about three things:

1. seeking, understanding, experiencing and embodying Love

2. developing, exploring and playing with my intuition and operating from it.

3. Unapoligetically and fully expressing my authentic self.

Since I was a little girl I have been going out of body, lucid dreaming and having paranormal experiences which expanded and shifted my view of reality. It caused me to question everyone and everything. It also gave me lots of solid grounded knowing and guidance on how to navigate this life in a way that neither culture, society or educational systems could ever teach you.

Who are we? Where did we come from? What is the nature of reality? What is real? How does life work? How do we work? Deep diving into the inner workings of everything drives me and lights me up…that and love.

I grew up with a very developed intuition so when I entered the school system struggled fitting in a system designed to suppress our intuition, a culture encouraging us to only develop our intellect and think our way through life, enforcing us to follow a set of rules that went against every fiber of my being instead of feeling our embodied knowing into BEING. In college I could no longer hide from living my truth, so I began to operate my life through my intuitive space and life became magical.

Soon after I received through my intuitive space, a manual to locate my source-mate. Together now, we shape reality, elevate human consciousness and source parent our son in sacred marriage.

12 years in my marriage, in my inuitive space I was shown a lucid vision of my unborn son who had chosen us as parents. I told my husband “it’s time, our son is coming”. Two months later I was pregnant. 

When I became a mother I knew exactly how I wanted to parent but also unexpectedly so much fear began to emerge out of my being. Motherhood has been the most purifying, alchemical experience of my life. Integrating all aspects of myself that where ignored and held up in my consciousness in the shadows of my unconscious self. My son has been my ultimate master teacher in the alchemical unfolding process of integrating my intuition with my intelelct at the being level; an awakening and revelation of PURE DIVINE LOVE. He has taught me more about what it truly means to embody LOVE and eradicate fear. 


"Silvie is truly a magical force."

“She is a guiding light for women and mothers who are walking the path to stepping into our highest and truest self so we can in turn BE the example for our children.  She has a really special and unique way of allowing you to move through blocks and dive deeper into your SELF. She will ask you the most powerful questions that lead you back to you to find the answers you carry within. Having Silvie as a mentor is a true gift.”


"Silvie is expansive and inspiring."

“Being in her presence in itself serves to elevate your vibration. I found the mentoring sessions helped to shift my perspective and while realities remain the same I know it’s in my power to change them.”


"Silvie walks the walk in all areas of her life."

“She is full of information that goes beyond research and into results, and her life is evidence that each and every one of us can design her own best life. Her heart is in the right place and her methods are out of this world. Not only does she share wisdom – she provides PRESENCE so strong that just listening to her talk is already a shift in consciousness.”


"Silvie has blown open new portals within my soul I never knew existed!"

“Silvie’s mentorship is INVALUABLE. I am bursting with gratitude to know and love her.”


Do you feel called to FULLY EXPRESS & EMBODY the source of your true power, magic, who you truly are, so that you can BE divinely authentic, magnetic and whole plus mother, parent, partner and thrive from that empowered wholeness?






Most of us operate from a disconnected, intellectual dominant, unconscious and un-authentic self. We operate and react out of our deepest fear-based programming, ego, shadow aspects, eotional conditioning and childhood wounds. We unconsciously do what our parents did which was what their parents did, feel what they felt, carry wounds they carry.  We grew up in a culture and family system where we are expected to follow an distorted patriarchal system designed to supress our natural embodied knowing, which separates us from our divine nature, disconnects us our natural intelligence putting the immortal consciousnesss beings we ARE in a continous slumber state, enslaved to believes and thought patterns that creates suffering, and suppression of who we truly are. It’s from that disembodied, disconnected, fear-based and intellectual ego state that we were taught to operate from. The worse is that we parent and partner from that state and we pass it on to our children.

This mentorship program is for the spiritual warrior, yogi or seeker ready to dismantle and de-condition the ego, belief and fear-based programing, shadows and childhood wounding embedded in our opertaing system, raise the quality of your consciousness, develop and operate from your intuition, integrate it with your intellect, fully be and express your authentic self so that you can create and live a life of love, freedom, peace, joy, meaning and spiritually grow and thrive regardless of what happens in our world.

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